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Al-Turka Lawyer Islamabad is the Best Islamabad Lawyer chamber providing Legal Services. Offering Services in Criminal, Civil, Cyber, Immigration, Business and Special Services like Family, Court Marriage, Divorce, Khullah, Online Nikah etc. Contact For Documents Preparation like Domicile, Sponsorship Affidavit, Marriage / Unmarried Certificate .

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Al-Turka providing best services in Family relates like Court Marriage, Divorce / Khullah (Talaq), Child Custody, Maintenance etc. In case of any family related case simply contact us before visiting any legal advisor. We have no consultancy charges.

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1. Get Legal Advice

No Need To Visit Anywhere Just Post a question or Make a Call and get free legal advice direct from our experienced lawyers.

2. Document Preparation

Al Turka Help you to prepare your documents like Domicile, Birth, Marriage or Unmarried Certificate, in Islamabad

3. Discounted Rates

Case charges depends on case situation but we assure you that our charges most economic in Islamabad.

Free Case Evaluation

Tell us your and your family matter we suggest you passage towards betterment, We secure you and your rights feel free to contact

Best Islamabad Lawyer

Al-Turka offer free case evolution to every client. Al-Turka Suspended offer for Poor & helpless peoples. If you are facing any legal difficulty to pay dues then don,t Leave Your Right, Don’t Silent on Barbarousness. Advocacy is my passion and I will support you, against Ill-Usage and Cruelness free for Awans and Needy. So Contact Best Islamabad Lawyer.

Shah Dil Awan is a very kind lawyer. I visit first time with lot of fears. He guide us very carefully. I am thankful to my kind lawyer. Now I am secure.

Uzma Ch
Uzma Ch

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