Criminal Lawyer

Al-Turka Soon Valley Laws offer services of criminal cases in Islamabad. We deals in all types of Criminal cases.
Al-Turka’s legal team skilled to achieved targets for clients in criminal cases by Criminal Lawyer. Generally, we help our clients to navigate all difficulties of criminal proceedings before the criminal courts to create a successful outcome. Al-Turka Soon Valley Laws offer legal services for criminal kind of cases in Islamabad.

Criminal Lawyer Islamabad

Al-Turka Soon Valley Laws has a specialist in trial of murder. Al Turka deals in criminal cases specially appeals arising there from to the high court’s and supreme court of Pakistan Al-Turka Soon Valley Laws
Al-Turka Soon Valley Laws also deals in Criminal trials with special expertise in murder cases. We deals in Narcotics, Anti-corruption and drug related issues. Investigations into cases of murder and other crimes, domestic violence and undetected murders are also conducted.
Al-Turka Soon Valley Laws successfully conduct prosecution. The Al-Turka defense in Criminal Cases relating to below mention issues:

The Al-Turka Soon Valley Laws services include but not limited to:
Murder cases, Attempted to Murder cases, Hurt of body cases, Cases under Anti-Terrorism Act 7 ATA, Kidnapping related issues, Dacoity (Only for Pleader), Robbery, Theft cases, Fraud cases, Forgery cases, Cheating related cases, Embezzlement issues, Illegal Possession of property and Land Grabbing civil or property related suits , Domestic Violence, Acid burning of persons cases, Criminal Appeals in all Courts, Bail Matters and Suspension of Sentences related matters, Private Criminal Complaints, Harassment and Habeas Corpus Petitions, Petitions U/Sec. 22-A, 22-B Cr.PC, Passport Travel Agent and Immigration related Offenses.
White collar crimes including:
Al-Turka Soon Valley Laws also deals in cases about Offenses.  Related to Accountability, Corruption in Financial matters, Money Laundering, Crimes related to Banking, Cases of Anti-Corruption and now Cyber Crimes in Islamabad Court.