Divorce Lawyer Islamabad (Talaq, Khulla)

Divorce Lawyer Islamabad (Talaq, Khulla)

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Difference between Talaq and Khulla

Khula is the right of a wife in Islam to seek dissolution of marriage from her husband through intervention of the court.Simply it defined when a woman seeks a “Khula” while man gives a “Talaq”.

What is Talaq?

Talaq is the Islamic term for divorce, which is commonly used in all Part of Pakistan including Islamabad, Rawalpindi. A talaq can defined simply as end marriage nikah contract, according to Islamic sharia rules (which is also adopted under the Pakistani Laws). It should be one more condition if husband granted at the time of nikah the right of Talaq to Wife then wife can exercise this right any time. If the Husband gives Talaq he must also tender Haq Meher to his Wife, whereas if the Wife exercises her right of Talaq then she must relinquish her right to Haq Meher.

What Is Khulla?

Khulla is the right of a woman in Islam. In Khullah Wife seek separation from her husband. In case of divorce Husband have to pay for Children maintenance. The children live with the mother. Age of Hizanat for Son is seven years and age of puberty for daughters.
When woman seeks separation called Khula while a man break contract consider Talaq. The Iddah period also allows for reconciliation for the husband and wife.

Divorce Sunni Shia Muslims

This is very much important that Shia and Sunni Muslim have different Fatawa on this issue.. In Sunni School of thought no witnesses require, and allows a husband to end a relationship by saying the triple talaq. Whereas Shi’a sect accept triple talaq (in one sitting or at one time) as a custom. Sunni scholars agree to the facts, but deem it halal (“lawful”) anyway. Discuss with Divorce Lawyer Islamabad.

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