Employment Labor Laws

Employment and Labor Issues

Al-Turka Soon Valley Lawyers offer services in the field of Employment Labor Laws related issues. Human Resource is essential ingredient to any business.

Employment Labor Laws

Therefore the laws and regulations governing relationships between employers. Before advising our clients as their interest in paramount for us.

Employment, Pay & Pension Rules
 – Al-Turka Soon Valley Lawyers had been advising our client on Pay & Pension Rules and Regulations of Pakistan.

Employment Law & Labor litigation – Al-Turka Soon Valley Lawyers defend or prosecute in Islamabad.

Labor relations and trade unions – Al-Turka Soon Valley Lawyers help with wage and hour issues. unionizing activities, collective bargaining. Due to  and interpretation of work rules, grievances and industrial disputes in Islamabad.

Terminations and layoffs – Al-Turka Soon Valley Lawyers provide counsel on separation agreements, as well as the legal. Due to regulatory notice requirements associated with reductions in force and plant closings in Islamabad.

Restrictive Covenants/Trade Secrets – Al-Turka Soon Valley Lawyers help draft non-competition agreements and nondisclosure agreements. Since train employees on policies concerning confidentiality, and conduct audits on trade secret protection issues in Islamabad.

Employee benefits and compensation – Al-Turka Soon Valley Lawyers design, implement. And administer all types of employee benefits and executive compensation programs in Islamabad.

Health & Safety – Al-Turka Soon Valley Lawyers help develop the need arise, we provide excellent defense on the allegations in Islamabad.