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Family Lawyer

Al-Turka Soon Valley Law Chamber Headed by Best Family/Divorce lawyer Shah Dil Awan Advocate based in Islamabad acts for clients in capital who are embarking on divorce or separation or dissolution of a civil partnership. Al-Turka Soon Valley Law Chamber Family Lawyer advises on all areas of family and children’s law, including adoption, guardian and international child abduction.

Pakistan is an Islamic republic, therefore laws and legislation has been designed to cater for Muslim Marriages, and Lawyers at Al-Turka Soon Valley Law Chamber can assist you in dissolution of marriage with expert legal advice.

What Is A Divorce? And Types Of Divorce

Divorce or dissolution of marriage is the final termination of marriage.

The legal process for divorce also included some critical issues that proceed parallel like spousal support, child custody, Maintenance, child support. The issues like distribution of property and division of debt, by this proceed dissolution of the marriage.

According to divorce laws there are two jurisdictions, approaches to divorce:

  • Fault based
  • Non-fault based.

Court may check response during dividing property, debts, evaluating custody, and support. Laws vary as to the period for divorce effective. Also, residency requirements vary.

Non-Fault Divorce

In case of no-fault type of divorce or dissolution no proofs require.

The application made by either party or by both parties divorce on which a woman may seek khula incandescently. This type of divorce also called a consenting divorce.

Fault Divorce

In such cases divorces need to prove by that other party had committed an act incompatible to the marriage. This termed “grounds” for divorce (popularly called “fault”) and the only way to terminate a marriage.

What Are the Key Factors to Consider Prior To Divorce

Duration of the marriage

Property/Assets in mutual name and/or gifted property

Uncontested Divorce

When the parties agree and present the court with a fair and equitable agreement, approval of the divorce almost guaranteed. If the two parties cannot come to an agreement. Though this necessary, the courts prefer parties come to an agreement prior to entering court.

Where the issues not complex and the parties cooperative, a settlement often directly negotiated between them solved by Family Lawyer.

Mubarat Collaborative Divorce

In such divorce, both parties by the conduct of lawyer negotiate and agreed on terms and conditiona that trained in the collaborative divorce procedure and in mediation by Family Lawyer

Divorce Law In Islam

In Islamic law and marital jurisprudence, divorce is accepted and referred to as Divorce (Talaq).
Grounds for Judicial Divorce on which Khullah seeks:

  • Desertion by husband for four years,
  • Failure to maintain for two years
  • Imprisonment for seven years to Husband,
  • Husband’s failure to perform marital obligations for three years,
  • From the time of the marriage husband’s continued impotence.
  • Husband’s cruelty (including physical or other mistreatment, unequal treatment between two wives living together), and

We have been arranging Islamic Divorce Certificate (Talaq Certificate), Khula Certificate. Dissolution of marriage And Nikah Certificate / Marriage / Unmarried Certificate contact for preparation of documentation.

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