Pakistan Origin Card POC CNIC NICOP

Al Turka Lawyers offer consultancy services for Pakistan Origin Card POC, CNIC, NICOP from NADRA. Contact us for affordable services online from abroad for overseas Pakistani Community.

Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

  1.   You can apply for a New Pakistan Origin Card (POC) for the first time.
  2.   Need to POC Renewal if your card has expired.
  3. Contact for POC Modification if you want to amend your POC card data.
  4.   Apply for POC Conversion to a chip-based Smart-POC card through a Renewal or Modification application.


  1.   Apply for a New National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) for the first time.
  2. Get an ID Reprint if your card was lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.
  3. Contact for an ID Renewal if your card has expired.
  4. If Need Modification if you want to amend your national identity data.
  5.  Apply for an ID Cancellation if you want to cancel your national identity data.

NADRA Family Registration Certificate

  •   Apply for Family Certificate with Parents and siblings (includes Father, Mother, Brothers and Sisters).
  •  Apply for Family Certificate with Spouse and Children (includes Husband, Wife, Sons and Daughters).

Verification Service

  •   Verify National Identity Card / POC Issued by NADRA.
  •  Apply for Verification of Family Certificate. Verify family data from FRC Numbers on NADRA issued Family Registration Certificate

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