Succession Certificate Islamabad Pakistan

Succession Certificate Islamabad Pakistan

When a person died and leave property then to transfer to legal heirs need a Succession Certificate Islamabad Pakistan. Succession Certificate required for bank accounts, insurance, immovable property etc

Succession Certificate Procedure

To get Succession Certificate in Islamabad Pakistan there are two ways to file application in court.

  • First way all legal heirs authorize one heir with there consent and record statement in court that this one authorized and later that person transfer all property ward according to their right.
  • Second way all legal heirs file application in court and court decide after evidences. And court award certificate as some one share in property.

The procedure of Succession Certificate in Islamabad Pakistan is as after file court publish this in newspaper. In case of some one claim legal heir then after evidence court decide other wise issue succession certificate to applicant.

Authorize Court

This is very important thing that where file application for succession certificate in Pakistan. There are also first thing where applicant reside. That area Civil court authorize to proceed. If multiple reside or not proper resides then area civil court where property fall.

If deceased leave a widow she file application for Succession Certificate in competent court of Pakistan. And if minor is legal heir then widow can apply as guardian of the minor.
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