Overseas Pakistanis Foundation Membership Registration

Overseas Pakistanis Foundation Membership Registration

There are two categories eligible for obtaining Overseas Pakistanis Foundation Membership OPF Membership

  1. Category I. Registered with protectorate of emigrants under section VIII of emigration ordinance and proceeded abroad.
  2. Category II. Proceeded abroad for at least one year period but not registered with Protectorate of emigrants. This category also include the following status:-
    • Indefinite stay abroad
    • Valid Work/Employment Visa
    • Students male/female of 18 years old.
    • Dual nationality holder (Pakistani & any other nationality)

The following are not eligible for OPF Membership card

  • A person who hold the passport bearing the valid visa but not proceeded abroad.
  • Holder of any kind of visit visa.
  • A person proceeding for Hajj,Umrah, Pilgrimage and medical treatment abroad.
  • Illegal emigrants (until they get themselves legalize as per law of the host countries)

Membership Conditions

  • All persons of pakistani origin living abroad and having 18 years age are eligible for the membership of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation.
  • Persons proceeded abroad on employment after 23rd March 1979 through protectorate of Emigrants and deposited Welfare Fund are members of the OPF. They can get membership card by sending photocopies of first two pages of current passport having valid visa CNIC/NICOP and copy of page bearing the stamp of protectorate of Emigrants along with recent two coloured passport size photographs. If The Stamp of protectorate of Emigrants on the previous passport, then 1st, 2nd and protector pages copy must be attach.
  • Overseas Pakistanis who was not protected by the Protectorate of Emigrants can apply for membership of OPF on the prescribed Form alongwith Bank Draft/Pay Order in favour of OPF Islamabad as membership fee. He/She has to provide valid documentary proof of his/her stay or employment abroad(Residence / Valid Visa/Iqama).
  • Overseas Pakistani is liable to get new membership in case the country of employment or residence change.
  • Attached Two passport size coloured photograph, write your name on the back of your photographs.
  • In case of any difficulty feel free to contact us Cell/Whatsapp +923008608035